A Virtual Memorial Foundation

The Ukraine Darkroom

On occasion of the Russian war against the Ukraine 2022
The 7 Memorials for Humanity
is reactivating The Violence Project:

War in Europe, this was out of any imagination before the current Russian dictator started it. It becomes clear today in 2022, that it started already in 2014 when the Crimea was annected.
The Refugee crisis 2015 and 2021 through the wars in Syria/Middle East was nothing else than the staged “dress rehearsal” for what was following later in 2022 – the annihilation of Ukraine as an independant state and nation – the re-establishment of the former Sovjet-Union.

As an ongoing artistic/curatorial context, The 7 Memorials of Humanity are covering all aspects of this contemporary conflict by re-activating The Violence Project and in its center The Ukraine Darkroom – the manifestation how cultural activists like artist/curators etc express their solidarity via audio-visual art.

Peace Letter to Ukraine

Violence and war as destructve matter are standing against culture, art and creativity. The Putin 2022 War is barbarian und destructive trying to erase solidarity and humanity.
But not only the Ukrainians and their friends and supporters are standing up against the violation of international law and the humanitarian desaster, but all civilized people, cultural workers and artists.
This program of artvideos starting on 1 March 2022 is representing one way how art can serve as a tool to show and confirm solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the victims of an incredible aggression.